MIDMAC Specialised Equipment Rental Company W.L.L.

Our subsidiary MIDMAC Specialised Equipment Rental Company W.L.L. (MSE) owns, operates and maintains a large inventory of plants, equipment and vehicles, to service and support both MIDMAC and external customers that are involved in construction activities.

The assets of this company consist of the following:

  • Drilling and earthworks equipment
  • Concrete equipment
  • Crushing plant
  • Cranes and hoisting equipment
  • Grading and compaction equipment
  • Electrical generation equipment
  • Welding machines
  • Air compressors & sand blasting equipment
  • Water pumps
  • Light transport
  • Heavy transport

MIDMAC Fabrication Workshop

MIDMAC Fabrication deals with design, engineering, shop drawing preparation, fabrication, surface treatment and finishing processes, in addition to installation and erection.

Our range of products include: site mobilization products, steel structures, stainless steel and aluminum products and fire cabinets.

The premises has a total area size of 2,900 m². The company is operated by more than 200 employees including engineers, welders, fabricators, and machinists, all working to high quality standards in fabrication and installation.

MIDMAC Duct Shop

MIDMAC Duct Shop provides high quality standard ductwork fabrication that conforms to international standards (ie: SMACNA, DW/144 and ASHRAE).

Our range of products include: rectangular and circular ducts together with their accessories.

We use fully automated machinery powered by the latest HVAC software. These include auto-folding, auto-duct zippers, CNC plasma cutters and sheet rollers to name a few.

The premises has a total area size of 4,500 m².

MIDMAC Formwork & Scaffolding

MIDMAC Formwork & Scaffolding facilities (area 20,000m²) fulfil the projects’ formwork and scaffolding requirements using the latest systems and products for efficient applications based on years of experience in the construction industry. We adhere to uniform material coding and recognised standard practices for product identification and traceability.