We support and direct projects and other satellite offices on a daily basis to ensure a high standard of delivery to our clients. We achieve this by ensuring that employees work in a healthy and safe manner and by continually improving performance.

Our management team is based at the main office and includes:

  • Executive Management
  • Tendering
  • Operations
  • Procurement
  • Electro-mechanical
  • Finance
  • Local Purchase
  • IT
  • HR
  • Administration departments


Our Main Stores follow the company processes and procedures in receipt of goods and onward distribution to respective projects.

The operational data at the Main Stores interfaces online with the company ERP system.

The Main Stores are located at the New Industrial Area of Doha.


We maintain a safe Archiving facility with an efficient system to ensure proper record keeping, quick storage/retrieval mechanism, traceability, digital backups, data storage life spans, all in line with our company policy, contractual obligations, and local statutory requirements.

Our Archiving Facility is located off-site in the Doha Industrial Area.


Building a highly skilled workforce is more important than ever to a company’s innovation and competitive advantage. The attraction, development and retention of talent continues to be a top business priority for our management team.

The following trainings are provided to all staff members and workforce in order to enhance “On Job Safety” and “General Safety”:

  • Risk Assessment
  • HS&E
  • Tool box talks

These training sessions are provided frequently with the number of attendees not exceeding 25 persons in any one session. They take place at MIDMAC’s Training Center which consists of a main lecture hall equipped with all necessary I.T. facilities and a practice area for hands on training. It is located at the White City compound Industrial Area of Doha.

Other types of specialised trainings take place at external locations and usually include:

  • IT
  • Scaffolding erection
  • Quality Assurance certification
  • Health practitioners
  • First aid
  • Planning Software
  • Contractual awareness
  • PMP courses