We are a company of people. We firmly believe that business success requires a diversity of people with their talents, perspectives and experiences focused on a common goal.

We strive to foster an inclusive environment where each employee, subcontractor and vendor is valued as a team member.

Throughout the hiring process, a prospective candidate undergoes a thorough assessment of his or her competences in order to select the best person for the job.

We utilise the services of reputable recruitment agents in the Middle East, Europe and the Far East. We also provide direct application process for specific vacancies through the company’s website, in addition to a proactive recruitment process of new talent directly from academic institutions.

Our technical, project and executive management staff members are all highly qualified individuals holding relevant academic degrees and practical work experience.

Our human resource policy promotes recruitment of personnel on a permanent basis, instead of on project basis. This ensures continuity that goes hand-in-hand with the challenging and rewarding work that make MIDMAC a really special place.