Our aspiration for a sustainable future is reflected in our commitment to innovation at work. How we deliver projects to our clients matters as much as what we deliver.

By introducing changes to the way in which we design, source and build, we are able to conserve natural resources more efficiently. We are also able to generate more valuable social and economic opportunities for people, businesses and societies while delivering greater cost benefits to our clients.

MIDMAC’s sustainability efforts are demonstrated on construction projects and inside its offices where proper waste management, recycling, reduce and reuse of materials are standard practices championed by all staff members.

Efficient use of water and energy, the limiting of printed material, and the adoption of paperless customs are also important contributions.

MIDMAC and its partners are among the first to have attained a 4-Star GSAS-Construction Management rating for the Khalifa Stadium project; the Gold LEED certificate by US Green Building Council for its Qatar National Convention Centre project and for other similar achievements.

It is worth noting that the award of 4-Star GSAS certification, at the Khalifa Stadium project was an achievement in recognition of the leading sustainability practices in design, construction and operation to minimise ecological footprint. This has been partly demonstrated in the cooling of this venue which is based on an energy recovery system that reduces energy consumption, as well as the fitting of energy-efficient lighting systems and plumbing fixtures.

MIDMAC is committed to long term sustainability efforts and challenges itself by actively seeking to accelerate the company’s contribution to global sustainability.

  • Registered Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) service provider
  • A member of the Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) Organisation
  • ISO 14001 certified for Environment Management System