Quality Assurance

MIDMAC construction and engineering services focus on clients’ requirements, and we maintain long-term relationships with clients and partners by bringing value and lasting impact through quality and expertise in our selected markets.

Our mission is to supply the highest quality of service in a timely and cost effective manner, thus allowing our clients to effectively complete their commitments and achieve their aspirations.

We gained ISO 9001:2000 certification for Quality Management system in 2003, later upgraded to 2008 and ISO 9001:2015 Standard. We are among the first few contracting companies in Qatar to be compliant to the latest ISO 2015 version .

Our corporate Quality Assurance (QA) manual provides detailed processes and procedures for guidance and monitoring.

Quality assurance plans are adapted and implemented on each individual project, covering all aspects of work in order to fulfill contract conditions. This ensures integration within the company’s QA system and allows for greater control in implementation. QA plans generally include the following:

  • Project organization structures
  • Coordination and operational processes and procedures
  • Authority and responsibility matrices
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

MIDMAC follows an external and internal audit timetable to ensure established objectives are achieved and key performance indicators are monitored. Corrective and preventive measures are also periodically reviewed and improved in order to validate their effectiveness.

MIDMAC endorses benchmarking amongst its employees to promote the sharing of experiences, to initiate improvement projects and support risk awareness and mitigation measures.

Quality Control

MIDMAC operates a strict Quality Control (QC) system on all projects. The system includes clearly defined inspection and test plans and procedures that adhere to project specifications and requirements.

QC systems are tailored for each individual project and are compliant with our Integrated Management System policy for QHS&E.