MIDMAC continues to implement Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) management systems with the active participation and cooperation of its employees, observing the latest ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 standards.

Our managers implement our Integrated Management System (IMS) as a modus operandi across all company activities with a steadfast goal of achieving excellence. Quality and safety reviews and improvements are carried out systematically and rigorously in order to maintain the effectiveness of the IMS. This is achieved by enforcing Performance Metrics with firm targets on each and every process of our projects’ life cycles. Monitoring and subsequent corrective actions are implemented with emphasis on the following:

  • Safety and protection of the environment.
  • Economic and efficient working methods.
  • Compliance with applicable statutory regulations, codes of practice, contractual obligations, client specifications, in addition to professional industry standards.
  • Adherence to programs and budgets.
  • Introduction of improvements through the upgrading of policies and the IMS, evaluation and review levels, training; in addition to implementing procedural changes where required.

Our deep rooted belief in increasing client satisfaction by means of increased productivity and the implementation of effective QHSE systems supports our leading role in delivering prestigious and vital projects throughout the region where we operate.

MIDMAC’s unwavering principles and practices shall remain as follows:

  • Not to allow at anytime an unsafe act or condition to take place.
  • To react and rectify deviances immediately.
  • To be a leader in protecting the environment for existing and future generations.
  • To uphold the highest targets of quality and to get things done right from the onset.
  • To exceed client expectations.