Doha Expressway (Package 7), Salwa Road-Phase 2, Al Asiri I/C to Industrial I/C

The scope of work consisted of the construction and the upgrade of a main road around 6.8km long (4 lanes each way), with service roads and parking areas on both sides of the road. Also included in the works are 4 junctions with traffic signals, 3 underpasses, 4 bridges with related substations, relocation of utilities, new services, signage, street lighting and landscaping.

This project forms part of the upgrade Program for Salwa Road, which links the center of the capital Doha to the Saudi Arabian border. It aims to ensure smooth road traffic and a better driving experience.

The full eight lane Expressway improves the quality of travel and allows accessibility to the local community and commercial establishments in a safer and more efficient manner.


The location of the works is one of the busiest areas of the capital (between the center of the city to the Doha industrial area). Disruption to public traffic at any time during the project life cycle was unthinkable. There were complex issues dealing with new deep underpasses, large interchanges, underground utilities and new deep networks. A 24/7 hotline had to be put in place and manned in order to receive and mitigate any concerns reported by owners of public and commercial establishments. Numerous environmental issues had to be addressed in order to protect the community from various risks. Multi-channel and multi-layered coordination efforts with relevant authorities were strenuous and had to be carried out intensely with utmost efficiency in order to achieve the results that were ever so important for the success of the project.