Construction Package 4 – Lusail Development for Primary Infrastructure-Road A1, A6, Southern and Marina Interchanges

The Lusail Development Construction Package 4 Highways project forms a major part of the New Lusail City Program , a new important urban growth corridor that expands north of the capital Doha.

The scope of work consisted of the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of major parts of roads A1, A6, D11 and A10 at Lusail with junctions 12, 13, and 14, Wadi underpass, tunnels T1 and T2, southern and marina interchanges including underpass, bridges, arch, and tunnel. The total length of the roads is 7.5 km.

The scope of work also included the design and construction of a 4.6 km deep storm water tunnel of 2.4-3 m diameter with 15 shafts, in addition to utilities, irrigation, electrical substations, road lighting, traffic signals, district cooling and gas distribution.


The large volume of work had to be executed over a very tight schedule and was expected to satisfy the milestones of important and often unexpected international and national events. In addition, the execution had to accommodate the requirements of new authorities under both the national organisations and the Lusail organisation. Interfacing with the new city’s facilities and with contractors working on other neighboring packages required tedious coordination in every aspect of the works as they went underway.