4 Nos. L.N.G. Storage Tanks

The scope of work consisted of civil works of 4 LNG cryogenic concrete tanks, each of 85,000 m³ capacity, 67 m diameter and a height of 45 m. The tanks are founded on engineered structural fill replacing existing soil up to sound rock below water table. Construction comprised 0.5 m thick raft foundation slab with 0.8 m thick concrete walls poured with climbing shutters. For the post tensioned walls and base slab, 60 N strength microsilica concrete was batched on site. Each roof was built with an air raised steel cupola and a concrete cover. An in-situ concrete cantilevered structure 27 x 22m was built on each roof to receive mechanical installations.

MIDMAC’s scope also included general earthworks, concrete spill channels, basins and roadworks. Work was executed to very stringent QA/QC and safety controls.

MIDMAC had total responsibility for civil works in the consortium.

Principal quantities:

Excavation: 40,000 m³

Reinforced Concrete: 43,000 m³