Emiri Flight Hangar

The scope of work consisted of the complete design and build of a 747 steel Hangar with related workshops, offices and services, together with concrete apron and taxiway links. The 25 m high hangar and other buildings that were also part of the scope are located at Doha international airport and are equipped with modern maintenance and support facilities.

Airwing Base, Ammunition Shelters

The scope of work consisted of the construction of 8 ammunition shelters made of steel liners and reinforced concrete burster layers. The work included finishes, rigid pavements, related external works, as well as electro-mechanical services.

University of Qatar – Phase 1B

The scope of work consisted of the construction of campus buildings and facilities consisting of separate men’s and women’s student activity buildings, separate men’s and women’s sports centres and outdoor sports facilities, computer centre, chiller compound, external works including a stadium, Olympic size swimming pool and landscaping. Works also included electro-mechanical installations, high end finishing and furniture.

Ministry of Finance and Petroleum Affairs

The scope of work consisted of the construction of a 6-storey extension to the Ministry of Finance buildings. Structural frame in reinforced concrete with external and internal granite cladding. Internal finishings, including marble paving and cladding to public areas and atrium. Work included electro-mechanical installations and external facilities.

Airwing Base, Aircraft Shelters

The scope of work consisted of a number of aircraft shelters comprising liners, earthworks, revetments, reinforced concrete burster layers, concrete structures and specialized finishes. Work also included concrete aprons, infrastructure works, underground fuel tank installations and camouflage systems as well as electro-mechanical services and specialised doors.