Design & Build Works for Industrial and Mubaireek Interchanges

The existing Industrial Interchange in Zone 57 Salwa Road – The works consist of D&B Modifications with Steel Bridge at grade to change the Roundabout to Signal I/C. Protection/ Modification of utilities, New ITS & FF networks, Landscaping, Safety barriers, Street Lighting, Road signs and markings.

The new Mubaireek Interchange in Zone 55- works include D&B of two Decks multi-span bridges, Ramps and Loops, new Storm water & TSE networks, Landscaping, Street lighting, Road signs and markings.

Gewan Island – Main Entrance Bridge Works Package (PK4 – Bridges)

The scope of work consists of: Subsurface investigations; Removal and replacement of soil under foundations; Bored Piles; Reinstatement of revetment; Waterproofing; Building Pylons; Precast and post tensioning of bridge segments; Stay cables and Deck restressing; Decorative lighting; Street lighting; CCTV poles; Road pavement; traffic signs and road markings – Total Bridge length 250 m.

Msheireb Station – MEP Works

The scope of work consisted of MEP works for the Msheireb station which is situated at the heart of the Doha Metro Network, where the red, green and gold lines intersect. The station lies between c. 15 m and 40 m below ground.

CP08-A-1: Infrastructure & Landscaping at Spine and Marina Roads, Qetaifan Islands Project

The scope of work consisted of the construction of roads, a fueling pier and all wet and dry utilities on 4 Qetaifan Islands, (QS1, QS2, QS3 and a portion of Qetaifan Island North). The work incorporated all services including but not limited to power, IT, telecom, wet and dry utilities, landscape, signage, roadway lighting, traffic signals and gas networks.

Construction Package 4 – Lusail Development for Primary Infrastructure-Road A1, A6, Southern and Marina Interchanges

The Lusail Development Construction Package 4 Highways project forms a major part of the New Lusail City Program , a new important urban growth corridor that expands north of the capital Doha.

The scope of work consisted of the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of major parts of roads A1, A6, D11 and A10 at Lusail with junctions 12, 13, and 14, Wadi underpass, tunnels T1 and T2, southern and marina interchanges including underpass, bridges, arch, and tunnel. The total length of the roads is 7.5 km.

The scope of work also included the design and construction of a 4.6 km deep storm water tunnel of 2.4-3 m diameter with 15 shafts, in addition to utilities, irrigation, electrical substations, road lighting, traffic signals, district cooling and gas distribution.


The large volume of work had to be executed over a very tight schedule and was expected to satisfy the milestones of important and often unexpected international and national events. In addition, the execution had to accommodate the requirements of new authorities under both the national organisations and the Lusail organisation. Interfacing with the new city’s facilities and with contractors working on other neighboring packages required tedious coordination in every aspect of the works as they went underway.

Doha Expressway (Package 7), Salwa Road-Phase 2, Al Asiri I/C to Industrial I/C

The scope of work consisted of the construction and the upgrade of a main road around 6.8km long (4 lanes each way), with service roads and parking areas on both sides of the road. Also included in the works are 4 junctions with traffic signals, 3 underpasses, 4 bridges with related substations, relocation of utilities, new services, signage, street lighting and landscaping.

This project forms part of the upgrade Program for Salwa Road, which links the center of the capital Doha to the Saudi Arabian border. It aims to ensure smooth road traffic and a better driving experience.

The full eight lane Expressway improves the quality of travel and allows accessibility to the local community and commercial establishments in a safer and more efficient manner.


The location of the works is one of the busiest areas of the capital (between the center of the city to the Doha industrial area). Disruption to public traffic at any time during the project life cycle was unthinkable. There were complex issues dealing with new deep underpasses, large interchanges, underground utilities and new deep networks. A 24/7 hotline had to be put in place and manned in order to receive and mitigate any concerns reported by owners of public and commercial establishments. Numerous environmental issues had to be addressed in order to protect the community from various risks. Multi-channel and multi-layered coordination efforts with relevant authorities were strenuous and had to be carried out intensely with utmost efficiency in order to achieve the results that were ever so important for the success of the project.

North / South Extensions to Ras Abu Abboud Road

The scope of work consisted of the upgrade of existing two interchanges at Ras Abu Abboud (RAA), linking the inner city corniche and C-Ring road to the new international airport highway. The works included the following:

  • Diversion of traffic at critical locations, demolition and diversion of live utilities.
  • Construction of new bridges, two underpasses, including a 300m deep tunnel.
  • Road network (four-five lanes) including street lighting, signage, signals and landscaping.

Major quantities:

  • Concrete: 120,000 m³
  • Asphalt: 200,000 tons
  • Subbase: 110,000 tons
  • Excavation: 350,000 m³
  • Storm Drainage: 12,000 m
  • Water Works: 9,000 m
  • Extra HV: 11,000 m
  • Telecom: 22,000 m


This was a very crucial project located on a busy road junction that links the town center to the new international airport highway, and also links a major city artery (the C Ring Road) to the Corniche sea front. The works had to be executed under a very tight program without disrupting live public traffic. This required tedious multiple day and night shifts. The extent of underground services resulted in many conflicts that had to be resolved within the project time frame. Some major interface issues were also encountered with neighboring contractors, especially those related to utility networks.

NDIA Airside/Landside Roadways and Parking CP 14

The scope of work consisted of the design and construction of the roadways network connecting the “Airside” and “Landside” facilities of the New Doha International Airport (125-km carriageways), providing access to the terminal, commercial and midfield areas of the airport.

The works included 3 grade separated interchanges and a total of 21 box-girder bridge structures, 5 of which crossed shallow lagoon water leading to the Passenger and Emiri Terminals. In addition to, parking lots, airport security fencing, intrusion detection systems, surface water drainage systems, street lighting systems, and culvert protection to existing gas lines.