Water Reservoirs Associated with Ras Laffan Pipeline

The scope of work consisted of the construction of 9 ground reservoirs with a capacity of 6 million gallons each, together with related electro-mechanical and external works at the following locations:

  • Salwa Industrial Area: 3 Reservoirs
  • Bani Hajir: 3 Reservoirs
  • West Bay: 2 Reservoirs
  • Garafa: 1 Reservoir

Q-Chem Buildings

The scope of work consisted of design, supply, construction and installation of various buildings and miscellaneous items located within the battery limits of the Q-Chem Petrochemical Complex. This subcontract included all structural, architectural, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, fire detection and telecommunication installations.

Q-Chem Site Preparation Phase I

The scope of work consisted of the construction of a platform for the new petrochemical plant. The scope included a 1.3 Km long access road, site fill of the overall plot area by levelling and compacting existing sand dunes (1,300,000 m³), capping the overall site with a 200mm layer of desert fill (200,000 m³), as well as providing slope protection at the shore edge.

Dukhan Consolidated Facilities Upgrade – Package 6 Civil Works

The scope of work consisted of civil works for an upgrade of an oil facility:

  • Design and build of reinforced concrete buildings (pumping stations, control buildings, substations & transformer buildings, gas dehydration units), complete with all service installations
  • Design and build of steel structures (pump shelters, chemical injection skid shelters and foam skid shelters) complete with all services installations.
  • Earthworks, asphalt roads and kerbs, culverts, storage tanks, pipe racks, fire fighting systems and equipment foundations.

The works were spread over 6 locations in the Dukhan / Umm Bab area of Qatar, with majority being inside live plants, requiring very stringent safety and QA/QC control. Maunsell and Kennedy & Donkin of UAE carried out engineering / design works of the buildings as subcontractors to MIDMAC.

Ras Laffan Industrial Buildings

The scope of work consisted of an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) project of 37 reinforced concrete and 15 steel framed industrial buildings for an onshore LNG facility at Ras Laffan. The scope encompassed foundations, superstructures, builders’ work, finishes, HVAC, plumbing and drainage, electrical and fire services.

Khatib and Alami carried out the structural and electro-mechanical design as subcontractors to MIDMAC.

Methanol / MTBE Facility – Civil Works

The scope of work consisted of onshore civil works comprising pre-cast concrete pipe racks, equipment and vessel foundations, storage tank foundations, underground services and infrastructure works.

Principal quantities:

Excavation: 115,000 m³

Concrete: 30,000 m³

Dukhan Consolidated Facilities Upgrade – Civil Works

The scope of work consisted of all civil works associated with an expansion and upgrade scheme for oil facilities in the Dukhan area. The scope covered 6 locations and included the following:

  • Design & build of two major substations and associated structures including mechanical and electrical services
  • Reinforced concrete equipment foundations
  • Roads and culverts
  • Cable trenches, concrete sleepers and piperacks
  • Security fencing
  • Supply, erection and maintenance of client and management contractors site facilities and housing accommodation including catering services

The works have been conducted in hot locations on a live plant under very stringent safety and QA/QC requirements.

3 Nos. L.N.G. Storage Tanks

The scope of work consisted of civil works for 3 LNG cryogenic concrete tanks each of 140,000 m³ capacity, 76.3 m diameter and height of 51 m. Each tank was founded on 1,200 mm bored in-situ piles. Construction comprised 0.8 m thick slab with concrete walls poured with climbing shutters.

For the post tensioned walls and base slab, 60 N strength microsilica concrete was batched on site. Each roof was built with an air raised steel cupola and a concrete cover. An in-situ concrete cantilevered structure 27 x 22 m was built on each roof to receive mechanical installations.

The scope also included general earthworks, concrete spill channels, basins and roadworks. Work was executed to very stringent QA/QC and safety controls.

MIDMAC had total responsibility for civil works inclusive of engineering design.

Principal quantities:

Piling: 1,216 No.

Excavation: 3,500 m³

Reinforced Concrete: 47,000 m³

Ras Abu Fontas ‘B’ Power and Desalination Plant

The scope of work consisted of civil works for a power station comprising a 625 MW power plant (5 combined cycle gas turbines) and a 33 million GPD Desalination Plant (5 heat recovery boilers and 5 evaporator units).

The works comprised all onshore civil and building works including foundations, turbine hall, service tunnels, pipe and cable trenches, together with central control and administration building and 20 other technical / industrial buildings. In addition to the design and construction of HVAC, plumbing and electrical services to turbine hall and buildings.

Civil works also included the construction of two concrete water reservoirs of 5 million gallons capacity each, infrastructure and underground services, roads, paving and landscaping.

Extension to Qatar Fertilizer Plant QAFCO III – Civil Works

The scope of work consisted of the design and construction of civil and building works at the plant’s extension, including architectural, structural, HVAC, public health, electrical power and lighting to all industrial buildings.

The works encompassed the following facilities:

  • Ammonia and urea process plants
  • Utilities area (power generation, boilers, desalination plant, main switchgear and transformer compounds, condensate treatment, demineralised water storage)
  • Three electrical Substations (largest 66kv)
  • Urea Storage Hall (420m x 60m clear span)
  • Conveyor Belt system
  • Blast resistant Control and administration building
  • Storage Tank bases (largest 40m diameter) and associated bunds for spill containment; pipe racks and sleeper ways; as well as sea water intake and pump house.

The works also included underground services incorporating 1,500 lm of cable galleries, GRP pipe installations up to 2.3m in diameter necessitating extensive sheet piling and dewatering; 4,000 lm of roads; 65,000 m³ of concrete; 3,000 nos. bored concrete piles and 650,000 m³ of bulk earthworks.

All works were carried out to high specifications and to stringent QA/QC requirements. UK based Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners carried out design works as a subcontractor to MIDMAC.